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Zachary Dusseau started ACK Smart when he recognized the strong need for implementing renewable energy and energy conservation measures on Nantucket.  The rapid expansion of the island's electricity consumption became the focal point of the company's mission: to reduce the peak load of the island and help prevent the need for a third undersea cable.


Starting small, he worked to install LED fixtures in dozens of businesses around the island, helping reduce electricity consumption, and in 2011 was able secure his first solar project. With help from local contractors, the system was installed and has been producing clean power ever since.


From that time, the team has integrated numerous solar projects around the island, giving property owners a clean source of electricity when its needed most: the peak hours of summer when cooling requirements are greatest.

His interests beyond solar are sailing, surfing, and the general enjoyment of the unique beauty offered by Nantucket.

Tobias Glidden joined the team at ACK Smart in 2016. He is a native of the island and has been a very active member of the Nantucket community.  

Many know Tobias while he served as the youngest ever elected member of the Board of Selectmen.  Here he made affordable housing, water quality, and renewable energy policies his focus, while simultaneously running a masonry business. He brings construction, finance, and policy crafting skills to the team at ACK Smart.


Tobias is passionate about making a positive difference for Nantucket's community and improve life for all islanders. When he is not working, he can be found enjoying time sailing and shellfishing in the harbor or working in his garden. 

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