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Implementing a solar system onto your home or business will have long-term advantages versus traditional methods of energy. The impact on the environment and cost-savings are at the top of the list of reasons to make the switch. 

Environmental impact

By implementing an energy source reliant on the sun, instead of the limited supply of fossil fuels, you will be helping generations to come to live in a cleaner world. Dependance on natural resources decrease, and your carbon footprint is reduced. 

Save money

Those who are dependent on traditional methods of energy may see increasing costs with each passing year. With solar, you’ll see cost-savings almost immediately. You will require less energy from the utility, and any surplus energy will be credited on your meter or can be applied to other accounts. 

Gain needed tax credits

In the year your system is completed and operational, you will receive a 30% investment tax credit on the following years tax bill based upon the installed costs of the system.  This allows you to reinvest more of your income into your long term energy independence.