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All of the products we source and install are of the highest quality and customized for our client's structure, power needs, and energy goals.



Highest-Efficiency Panel Exclusively Manufactured in the US 
Advanced back-contact technology reduces front-cell metallization minimizing conductive losses, mechanical stress and shading for improved performance, reliability and efficiency. The reduced cell gap and elimination of external bussing boosts efficiency.

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With a higher efficiency rate than previous series, the Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G10+ is the first 400W module for the residential market and takes high performance to a new level. The G10+ module utilizes Q CELLS’ zero gap Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology to boost module efficiency up to 21.4%. The module is also backed by a 25-year product and performance warranty that guarantees at least 86% of nominal power up to 25 years.

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Q CELL 480

  • The ideal solution for ground-mounted solar power plants

  • Engineered in Germany

  • Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology with zero gap cell layout boosts module efficiency up to 21.6%

  • Higher yield per surface area

  • Lower BOS costs

  • Up to 80 watts more module power than standard 144 half-cell modules

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With the Market’s Most Efficient Solar + Storage Platform

  • Maximizes solar use year-round, and during an outage, with unique, DC-coupled technology – requiring only one power conversion, vs. three conversions with legacy AC-coupled technology

  • Delivers more power at less cost, thanks to an industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency—system owners can maximize solar use and lower utility bills

  • Helps speed up homeowner payback with the exclusive ability to simultaneously charge batteries AND send energy to the grid for credits (where available)



Solar patio covers are part of an emerging category of solar that uses a structure other than the roof of your home or business as the framework for a solar system installation. These structures are often commonly referred to as “solar pergolas”.
The majority of small-scale solar installations go on the roof, but not every roof is ideal for solar. Luckily, if you have the right space, there are plenty of other system designs that you can use for your solar panels. These include ground-mounted solar systems, solar carport, and solar trees – and now you can add solar patio covers and solar gazebos to that list.
Your solar panels can be installed on an existing structure, or you can choose to make an upgrade that you’ve already been considering for your home even better by incorporating solar panels into the plan.

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