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ACK Smart Energy is Nantucket’s only solar firm, leading the way in generating clean, renewable power for the island community since 2011. We specialize in rooftop installations and ground mounts, walking alongside our clients throughout the entire experience. From HDC permitting, the construction and installation process, and even the sale of your first solar kilowatt-hour, ACK Smart Energy is customer focused, locally inspired, and always looking to make the Grey Lady a little greener.

Going green is a good thing. Saving some green? Even better. Let’s make a difference together and put the sun on your payroll. Solar energy working for Nantucket.

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What is ACK Smart?: About Us

"ACK Smart Energy gave us comprehensive installation and service. We turned on our 10KW system in January 1015 and it keeps making electricity and income for us with zero maintenance. We love our panels."

Jack Weinhold

"Celebrating going green on power! No bills for several months. December's billed use was 2000KW less than last year's. Look forward to years of savings! They preformed a professional installation, follow through with needs and we are now saving monthly with no or greatly reduced electric bills. 🥰"

Homer Ray III

"ACK Smart Energy installed solar panels on our home over 3 years ago. Zack walked us through the processes and accompanied us to the Historic District Commission. We were the first large roof installation on the island and there was some initial reluctance on the Commission's part. Then, Zach helped us with the paperwork for the rebate and set us up with the Massachusetts board which gives us SRECs when we produce extra energy (which is every quarter so far.) We could not be happier with the service we got. And...we love our panels."

Barbara Ann White

"ACK Smart Energy provided complete service including all the paperwork, so we didn't have to do anything. Harvesting clean energy now and enjoying the benefits."

Alesia My

"ACK Smart Energy installed a solar array at my house several years ago. It has worked flawlessly--up to 7 Kw on sunny days and easily 3 Kw on foggy ones. No electric bill and quarterly payments for power we feed back into the grid! The array came with a SENSE monitor which tells us not only how much power we're generating, but also how much we're using and how. As in, the fridge is currently drawing 100 watts. It helps to be conscious of energy use throughout the day. ACK Smart helped me make my home a place that gives energy back to the community. If only the whole island was solar powered!"

Meg Glidden

"ACK smart installed 5 kW of solar panels on our office's roof several years ago. We haven't paid an electric bill yet, and get paid quarterly for our Solar Renewable Energy Credits. It all adds up! 5 stars, highly recommend."

Anne Miller Kuszpa

"We installed solar panels with ACK Smart Energy. Zach took care of all the details and paperwork and was responsive to our questions. He shepherded the process through the town boards and assisted us in getting set up with the rebates and the SRECs. We LOVE our panels and have not paid an electric bill since installation. More than that, we love being green and have now bought an electric car to go with them."

Barbara White

"Great Service!!! ACK Smart Energy did a service call for Old South Self Storage Solar Panels that will insure all our future businesses!"

Bobby Lamb

What is ACK Smart?: Testimonials
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