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10 Must-Do Activities During the Holiday Season on Nantucket Island

Forgive us for the redundancies of both sentiments of years past and nearly all seasonal ad copy - It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

As the chill in the air rolls in and the holiday spirit seems to engulf the island, Nantucket transforms into a winter wonderland, offering a unique blend of tradition, relaxation, and fun. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned islander, there's always something magical to discover during the holiday season. 

Here is ACK Smart Solar’s curated list of 10 must-do activities that capture the essence of a Nantucket holiday.

Nantucket Noel and Christmas Stroll

The holiday season on Nantucket officially kicks off with the Nantucket Noel, a month-long celebration. The highlight is the Christmas Stroll weekend, where the island comes alive with festive decorations, carolers in period costumes, and a variety of entertainment. Don't miss the magical Christmas tree lighting ceremony!

Explore the Decorated Historic District

Take a leisurely walk through the Historic District, adorned with glittering lights and festive wreaths. The beautifully preserved architecture, combined with the holiday decorations, offers a picturesque backdrop perfect for your holiday photos.

Attend a Holiday Concert or Play

Nantucket's local theaters and schools host an array of concerts and plays during the holiday season. From classic performances like 'The Nutcracker' to contemporary holiday concerts, there's something for everyone.

Visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum

The Whaling Museum transforms into a festive wonderland, featuring a stunning display of over 80 uniquely decorated Christmas trees. This annual Festival of Trees is a must-see for its creative and artistic tree decorations.

Holiday Shopping on Main Street

Main Street and its surrounding lanes, with their quaint boutiques and galleries, offer a unique shopping experience. Find the perfect Nantucket-inspired gifts for your loved ones, from handcrafted jewelry to nautical-themed home decor.

Enjoy a Festive Meal at Local Restaurants

Many of Nantucket's renowned restaurants offer special holiday menus. Enjoy a festive meal featuring local seafood and seasonal specialties, all while soaking in the cozy, holiday ambiance.

Participate in a Wreath-Making Workshop

Join one of the many wreath-making workshops offered on the island. It's a fun way to unleash your creativity and bring a piece of Nantucket holiday charm back home.

Take a Winter Beach Walk

Experience the serene beauty of Nantucket's beaches in winter. A brisk walk along the shore, with the sound of waves and the crisp ocean air, is a refreshing contrast to the bustling holiday activities.

Sip on Local Brews and Spirits

Visit Cisco Brewers for a taste of local brews and spirits. Their holiday-themed drinks are a delightful way to warm up on a chilly Nantucket day.

Nantucket Island during the holiday season is truly an experience like no other. With its unique blend of history, culture, and festive cheer, it's the perfect destination to create unforgettable holiday memories. Whether you're strolling through the historic streets, enjoying the local cuisine, or participating in festive activities, Nantucket's holiday charm is sure to captivate your heart.

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