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A Day in the Life with David Van Vorst

If the ACK Smart Support & Maintenance division were an orchestra, David Van Vorst would be its conductor.

His days are a whirlwind of diverse tasks, akin to managing a symphony of solar energy systems. His role involves coordinating intricate service calls with various teams, clients, and caretakers, ensuring everything runs smoothly under the ever-shining sun.

In new projects, David plays a pivotal role. He commissions inverters using installer software, connects them to the internet, and sometimes even drills and climbs to run cables; no job too big or too small! He gives special attention to systems with batteries, testing them through simulated blackouts to guarantee their reliability during power outages. Once a system is up and running, he registers it in a fleetwide monitoring program, and upon satisfactory performance, he introduces clients to the system through an ATI intro email.

David regularly monitors the fleet, which mainly consists of Solar Edge systems, along with Generac, Enphase, and a few SMA inverters. He logs alerts, liaises with support networks for troubleshooting, and schedules service visits or equipment replacements as needed. He's adept at field maintenance, from optimizer swaps to inverter replacements, always ensuring safety and efficiency.

For systems that lose communication, David investigates, reaching out to clients for potential internet service changes or physical disconnections. He's often on the road, visiting sites to update firmware and ensure systems are functioning correctly.

Annual inspections are a must, especially for ground arrays and batteries. David simulates power outages to test battery performance and ensures the structural integrity of the arrays.

His monitoring extends to Sense devices, which track electrical usage, and are vital for clients to keep track of usage anomalies and energy hogs. He troubleshoots these devices too, ensuring their proper functioning.

Documentation is key in David's role. He meticulously records every aspect of his service calls and interactions with clients, using the Scoop App to maintain a comprehensive record of each site.

A typical day for David is dynamic, and rarely do two ever look identical. He enjoys meeting clients and their pets, and values the personal connections formed. David's role is not just a job, it's ensemble management; of technology, client relations, and the relentless pursuit of solar efficiency. And though no actual music is involved, when our solar systems are operating to max efficiency, those panels just sing.

Expanding Horizons: 50 New Sites Commissioned in 2023

We're proud to announce that our fleet expanded significantly in 2023, with 50 new sites now harnessing the power of the sun. This expansion includes a diverse range of systems, including 46 Solar Edge Inverters, 3 Generac Inverters, and 1 Enphase System.


Inverter Updates: Ensuring Reliability and Efficiency

Our team has been diligently working to maintain and upgrade our systems. We've successfully replaced and commissioned 11 inverters across various sites, ensuring that your systems are running at peak efficiency.

In addition, we replaced dozens of optimizers and deployed hundreds of firmware upgrades. These replacements and upgrades are crucial in addressing service issues and ensuring optimal performance.

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