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Multi-tACK-sking: Roofing with ACK Smart Energy

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

You're ready to make the transition to a solar powered lifestyle. Only problem? Your roof has seen better days. Does this knock you out of eligibility to make the solar switch? Anything but.

The art of the multitask.

It's something we're all familiar with. Regardless of age, profession, or geographical location any human being can undoubtedly confirm that at one point or another, they have juggled multiple tasks at once. It's the perfect strategy if you find yourself feeling a metaphorical tap on the shoulder to get moving on a few things, especially the tasks procrastinated. The controversy of multitasking surrounds the final product and the realization upon supposed "completion" of these agenda items that one, likely, was completed less satisfactorily than the other. At full disclosure, I write this while listening to Spotify, selectively eavesdropping on a conversation across the room, and sipping an oat milk iced latte. The Corner Table invented the concoction, as far as I'm concerned. But I must say, multitasking is the practice that sustains me, as I'm sure it does you. It's true, NPR has gone to great lengths to educate us on the dangers of the act when gauged against the quality of your work, but I believe the solution is not to jettison the concept entirely, but to simply choose your compounding tasks wisely. For example, I would prefer that a doctor keep his or her multitasking to a minimum while performing any sort of medical practice on me, or anyone for that matter. But if I'm watching TV while folding laundry and my towels come out a little more disheveled than they would have had I devoted my entire focus to the art? Qué sera, I can wait no longer to know whether or not Jed Bartlet is running for reelection on The West Wing. I also can't face tomorrow without a restocked sock drawer. How in the world does this relate to solar energy? I'll set down my coffee and pause the tunes to give you my undivided attention in explaining so. You find yourself coming across another reminder of that ACK Smart Energy firm. You've heard so much about the positive impacts of converting to solar energy for your home, your community, and your wallet. Not to mention you've heard the people that work there are just lovely. You walk out to your front yard, gaze admiringly at your island abode, and your heart sinks. The shingles on your roof are in desperate need of attention. If you're devoting time to a home-improvement task, certainly it must be this before anything else. How could you possibly install beautiful, sun-absorbing panels to a roof where the shingles are essentially holding on by a thread? Enter our fickle friend the multitask. At ACK Smart Energy, we're focused on all things living, and dealing with inconvenience is hardly that. That's why we have orchestrated the multitasking strategy of a lifetime in that if you find yourself in the predicament of wanting both solar energy at home and your roof repaired, we will do that for you. You make one phone call for two projects, you speak to one company to make two home improvement dreams come true. The best part of all? Your multitasking is guaranteed (literally, we put it in the contract) to have all tasks completed to perfection and your own specific satisfaction. So if you're sitting at home reading this thinking, my roof does need a spruce but do I need solar panels too? Whip that multitask into flawless effect and click the Contact Us tab. Call us to chat about roofing, solar installations, and how you can power your home while saving money, helping the environment, and finding even more reasons to love a sunny day on Nantucket. Now that's a successful multitask if I've ever seen one.

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