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Powering Nantucket's Future with Our Solar Installation at the Sewer Plant

At ACK Smart Energy, we've always been driven by a vision of a sustainable future. Our

foundational drive was just that; creating a greener Grey Lady for the next generation, and


So we’re proud to announce our latest contribution to that dream; a confluence of work and

efforts made in collaboration with the town of Nantucket for the very first town building solar

installation: a cutting-edge solar array at Nantucket's Surfside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

This project, featuring 232 high-quality solar panels, is not just an engineering feat but a

testament to our commitment to green energy solutions.

Over the spring and early summer, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure the panels were perfectly positioned atop one of the treatment plant's primary buildings.

The result? A system that will significantly offset the sewer facility's electric consumption, one of the largest on island.

Moreover, the financial benefits are clear, with an estimated annual savings of $35,000 for the town.

The 104.4 (KW DC) rooftop solar array is designed to produce over 150,000 kilowatt-

hours of clean energy annually. This means a reduction of about 6% in the sewer plant's

electric load and a decrease of 106 metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions each year.

We believe in turning sunlight into sustainable solutions. These numbers aren't just statistics for us; they represent our contribution to a cleaner planet.

Our solar installation at the Surfside Wastewater Treatment Plant is a shining example of our

local team’s immense and limitless capabilities, and the dedication we all feel for our

community and island.

As we continue to illuminate Nantucket's path towards a sustainable future, we invite everyone to join us and officially the Town of Nantucket, to always make the Grey Lady a little greener.

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