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That Wiggles Way Solar Project? Yeah, that's us.

As we approach the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, it’s only appropriate that one of the projects our company has been focusing on is a celebration of giving.

Back in August, we were thrilled to announce a new facet of our partnership with Housing Nantucket in the development of a solar concept at their new affordable rental apartment complex off of Fairground Road. The goal was to develop a system that could offset the energy costs for the tenants through the powering of the apartments themselves, as well as the common spaces. Days, weeks, months of development and hard work later, and we are on the precipice of completing a solar parking pergola that will do just that.

“When we can provide electricity for the tenants, they don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of utility bills,” Housing Nantucket Executive Director Anne Kuszpa said. “They get a stable price they can budget for.”

And it couldn’t be coming at a better time. As the price of energy is set to sky-rocket this winter with no reprieve in sight, alternate energy options are becoming more and more of a necessity.

Located at the rear of the complex, the solar pergola, once installed in full, will be able to cover the energy usage of the entire development including 22 apartment units across 8 buildings. It’s a huge step forward in the mission to achieve energy independence on island and make solar on Nantucket as customary as scallops and beach days.

With this site alone, we expect to generate an amount of energy equivalent to the savings of over $30,000 for both Housing Nantucket and the occupants of the Fairgrounds complex. An organization that gives back to the community through a complex that gives back to the island - it's the kind of good will amongst men (and women!) that ACK Smart is excited to celebrate this holiday season.

For more information about how you can apply solar to your property, contact ACK Smart at or by calling (508) 257-1SUN today.

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