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Welcome to the team, Henry Farrell!

If you’re unfamiliar with island vernacular, let us shed a bit of insightful light.

For as long as humans have inhabited this lovely sandbar thirty miles out to sea, there have been certain social classifications meant to distinguish just what exactly you are in relation to Nantucket Island.

Born on the island? Native.

Not born on the island but have found yourself here for a prolonged period of time? Wash-Ashore.

Natives and Wash-Ashores who live here year-round? Locals.

Those who come just for the summer? Seasonals.

Tourists? Pains.

Joking, of course! In fact the classifications themselves are rooted in satire; just a fun way of adding another layer to life out here.

What can we say? It gets slow in the winter, we have to entertain ourselves in some way.

At ACK Smart Energy, we’re lucky to have an eclectic team with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and places of origin. However in the representative battle between natives and Wash-Ashores, our lone native Toby Glidden, until recently, was quite outnumbered.

However we are thrilled to announce that this is no longer the case, as ACK Smart Energy is proud to welcome Nantucket native Henry Farrell to our team!

Born and raised on the island, Henry spent the previous seven years with island firm Ryder Electric, where he assisted in the wiring of many of Nantucket’s high-end properties and estates. It was also during his time with Ryder Electric he earned his Journeyman Electrician’s license. It was his friendship with Toby that sparked his connection to ACK Smart Energy.

“I had known that Toby was doing solar and every time I bumped into him I was like, ‘Man, I’m really interested in doing solar, I’d love to check out the systems you’re installing sometime.’”

That kernel of interest has now translated into bringing Henry in as a member of the team full-time, something he’s actively enthusiastic about.

“One of the big things that drew me to this job was being able to learn more about this; to deepen my knowledge about this and how I can become more impactful in the field. For the past seven years I’ve been working at Ryder Electric, and it was great, but I’ve been wiring houses for billionaires. It’s been a great experience but at the same time it’s like, so much of the work we’re doing is so arbitrary. I’m just very excited to be in a position where I can learn about something that’s really going to be helping us toward the future that we all want to get to.”

His passion for conservation, sustainability, and protecting the longevity of Nantucket combined with his proficiency in electrical work make him tailor made for our initiatives.

“I think that renewables are so awesome and so important,” he said. “It’s the future.”

When asked what he’s most looking forward to with the work at ACK Smart Energy, Henry cited his new coworkers above anything.

“I’m just so excited to be getting into solar. It’s just really nice to have the opportunity to join this company. When I talk to Tim, Toby, Zach - they’re all so into what they’re doing and they seem so intelligible about it. I’m just so excited to be in such a progressive-minded company.”

You may be thinking to yourself, 'Henry Farrell…I feel like I just saw that guy…’ And not just at the Stop n’ Shop either, eh?

Henry and his fiancee Megan, also a Nantucket native, just recently starred on the front page of the Inquirer and Mirror with their brand new baby daughter, Lilian. And perhaps that is another reason Henry is so ambitious to procure the island for generations to come; so that Lilian will get to enjoy all of the things her dad loves so much about living here; and not just Queequegs and Madequecham!

Welcome to the team, Henry!

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